The new Zildjian Gen16 Access Tool for the Digital Cymbal Processor (DCP) improves the Gen16 system by using common "drummer friendly” terms and easily to use controls. Paired down to two screens, the new Zildjian Gen16 Access Tool lets drummers customize the powerful DSP effects in the Digital Cymbal Processor for personalized sounds. 

System Requirements:

  • iOS:  v9.3.1x and 10x ( Recommended accessory to connect iOS device to the Digital Cymbal Processor: Lightning to USB camera adapter and Lightning to USB3 camera adapter)
  • MacOS:  v10.9x, 10.10x, 10.11x and 10.12x
  • PC OS: Windows 7 SP1x, Window 8.1x and Windows 10 (Both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows are supported)


Total Cymbal Tone Shape/Kit Presets:

  • 99 Cymbal Tone Shape Preset per channel (HiHat-Cym-5)
  • 99 Kit Presets “kit mode”  

Information on Cymbal Tone Shapes/Kit Presets 1-23: 

  • Cymbal Tone Shapes/Kit Presets 1-10  are comprised of Zildjian factory settings for the DCP, that are more neutral sounding.  
  • Cymbal Tone Shape /Kit Presets 11-16 are Russ Miller’s Signature Tone Shapes, these particular presets favor darker and warmer sounds. 
  • Cymbal Tones Shapes/Kit Presets 17-23 were designed by Simon Edgoose and these presets are brighter for a more cutting sound.   
  • User Cymbal Tone Shape/Kit Preset Slots: 24-99

These slots are available for making custom Cymbal Tone Shapes and Kit Presets.

Firmware Update information:

  • The firmware updater is built in to the Access Tool along with the 1-23 Cymbal Tone Shape/Kit Presets and the Access Tool will check to see if your DCP is running the latest software.  If not it will update the DCP to work with the Access Tool.  Note: All previous/older user data will be overwritten to work with the Access Tool. 

Current Access Tool Version Available for Download

  • Version 5.0.0, Released June 20th, 2017

Download Mac Version

Download PC Version

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When your DCP is connected to your computer via USB with the DCP Access Tool,  you can check your Cymbal Processor's software and hardware version numbers.  You can also check the Gen16 servers for available upgrades, upgrade your Cymbal Processor's firmware, and upload new cymbal and reverb DSP presets to it.

The Access Tool application can also display a variety of information about your Cymbal Processor such as its firmware and hardware versions, which may be important if you ever need to contact Gen16 Tech Support.

The Access Tool will automatically check for DCP firmware updates on launch if a DCP is connected and an internet connection is available. You can also check manually at any time by selecting "Check for Updates" in the Access Tool's "Help" menu. If updates are available, the Access Tool will guide you through the download and installation process.

System Requirements:
- Macintosh OS X v10.4 (Tiger) or higher, Intel processor only
- Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Current Access Tool Version Available for Download: Version 3.2.0, Released June 29, 2013.
Access Tool Release Notes for Version 3.2.0:
Mac Version PC Version Complete Version History

Download Mac Version 3.2.0

Download PC Version 3.2.0

Russ Miller Signature "Work Horse" DCP Tone Shapes 
"When Zildjian asked me to create this signature palette of Tone Shapes for the Gen16 DCP system, I immediately thought of calling them the “Work Horse” patches. I wanted to make solid, versatile Tone Shapes that could work in a variety of musical situations and get you started utilizing the Gen16 system in your everyday playing situations. Of course, these can be interchanged (they are leveled to do so) and you could just use a couple of sounds and not the entire setup. I programmed these while playing the full kit in the studio. Everything was referenced through the studio console and used in music tracking to confirm levels and projection qualities. I believe it represents some of the best tones possible from the system and I hope they are as effective and inspiring to you, as they were to me!” - Russ Miller

Download Tone Shapes

Simon Edgoose Signature DCP Tone Shapes 
"These Tone Shapes are designed to give a selection of simple sounds that can be used for everyday playing. Some tone shapes are more general use such as the Bright, Classic and Dark, while others such as the Low Short and the Low Pass/ High Pass are designed for more electronic uses. When it comes to positioning the pickup, I generally use the sixth line of holes below the bell for the Ride and a similar position for the Crashes and the Splash. The HiHat is different in that I set the pick up about one third of the distance along the bow from the bell to the edge, closer to the bell. I have found that the placement of the pickup can dramatically change the sound of the cymbals. In my experience, most of the high frequencies of a cymbal come from the bell; therefore if the pickup is mounted close to the bell it will give a brighter sound. If I want a darker, dry sound, I generally move the pickup more towards the edge, never more than half way from the bell to the very edge of the cymbal. I have used electronic drums for many years now, but in my experience, no pads feel like Gen 16 cymbals, because they are real cymbals, not plastic and rubber. They feel very natural and very comfortable to play.”- Simon E

Download Tone Shapes


Download the file below and open it with the Access Tool while the DCP is connected to your computer. 
The installation wizard will guide you through the update process.
Note: The last update firmware that the Access Tool will recognize through automatic updates is
2.1.3. Any updates after this need to be installed manually.

Release Notes:

DCP Firmware 3.1.0
The presets in this update require DSP firmware 1.5.8 or higher. If your DSP firmware needs to be updated, the auto-upgrade system will notify you separately.

Access Tool 3.2.0 or later must be used to administer this update.

The update includes 10 presets and 13 reverbs designed for the Direct Source Pickups.

"Cym3" and "Cym4" contain crash tone shapes
"Cym5" contains china tone shapes

Changes since v2.1.3:

  • DCP output is briefly muted when changing tone shapes
  • AE Microphone Pickup tone shapes have been removed
  • 10 improved presets for the Direct Source Pickups

DCP Firmware Updater Release Notes: View
Current Versions:
DCP: 3.1.1 Click here for the updated Firmware
DSP: 1.5.8
Bootloader: 2.6.1