Break through with The S Family
The new S Family will redefine your expectations of what a B12 alloy can deliver.  With its striking brilliant finish, they are bold, bright and expressive, suitable for a variety of musical styles. We spent years of R&D building these from the ground up. Where the technology didn't exist, we invented it.  With a balanced frequency response, long sustain and a wide variety of models to choose from, you'll have everything you'll need to break through.  So be bold.  Be expressive and let them hear what you really sound like. 

The S Family joins Zildjian’s other premier families of cymbals, “K” and “A.”  This new family pays homage to Alice “Sally” Zildjian, wife of Avedis Zildjian III and grandmother to Craigie and Debbie Zildjian.  

“This is the very first time the Zildjian Company has honored a female member of the family with a line of cymbals,” said Craigie Zildjian.  “Our grandmother played an integral role in convincing my grandfather to keep the 300+ year old family business alive and to pass that business down to the next generation.  We feel this honor is long overdue given my grandmother’s contribution to the cymbal innovation which took place in America.”

Crashes Rides HiHats Special Effects
Rock Crashes
Built to cut through the mix with the volume and projection when you need it most. Medium heavy in weight, these cymbals are higher pitched with an enhanced attack and cutting power.  
Medium Rides
These execellent all-purpose Rides feature a strong, clean stick response with a defined bell and are suitable for all styles of music.  Available in 20", 22" and 24" sizes.
These 10" mini HiHats feature a tight, controlled sound with pinpoint definition.  They are designed in conjunction with cutting edge drum set artist Marco Minnemann.
Sharp and explosive, S China cymbals add a bright and trashy tone color that works well for big hits and accents. Avaialble in 16" and 18", they speak quickly with a short sustain.
Medium Thin Crashes
Offering the most versatility of all S Family crashes, the medium thin weight is a perfect match when lighter touches and louder hits are necessary. Full-bodied crash color with excellent projection qualities. 
Rock Rides
Designed to cut, S Family Rock Rides offer you the volume and projection when you need it most. It's maximum stick definition with a high pitch and powerful bell makes these perfect for live performances.
These perfectly balanced 14" HiHats offer a versatile range of frequencies with a full-bodied response, making them suitable for various musical styles.  These are perfect for any set from the garage to the gig.
Thin Crashes
With an exceptionally quick and sensitive response from the lightest touch, S Family Thin Crashes feature a bright, full crash sound with a beautiful shimmery sustain.
  Mastersound HiHats
Mastersound HiHats feature a hammered outer edge bottom cymbal, which not only prevents air lock, but creates a lively, fast “chick” sound and an overall balanced tonal presence. 
Trash Crashes
It’s all in the name – S Family trash crash cymbals feature a thin weight crash tone along with a trashy white noise color that fits the mix perfectly.
  Rock HiHats
Designed for the loudest playing situations, these Rock Hats provide the volume and projection when you need it most.  Heavy, focused, with an agressive cut.

The Rock Rides are designed to cut, providing the volume and projection when you need it most. The all-purpose Medium Rides feature a strong, clean mid-range, suitable for many styles of music.

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22" S Medium Ride
24" S Medium Ride
20" S Rock Ride
22" S Rock Ride

Choose the quick and bright with a cutting tones of the S Splashes or the "Oriental" sound of the China Splashes.

8" Splash
10" Splash
8" China Splash
10" China Splash


There are a variety of S Family HiHat sizes and sounds to choose from. The strong Mini Hats provide pinpoint stick definition. The Rock HiHats provide a cutting "chick" sound, while the Mastersound HiHats deliver a versatile range of frequencies and full-bodied response.

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10" Mini-HiHats
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13" Mastersound HiHats
14" Mastersound HiHats

Special Effects
The S family Chinas provide explosive attack with quick sustain that are great for accents and unique tone colors.

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16" S China
18" S China