Inspired by the making of a cymbal, Kaz Rodriguez created this original composition, "Zildjian Factory", using a variety of sounds captured throughout the manufacturing process.  If you listen closely, you'll hear the clang of a casting that just came from the melt room, a steady 2 and 4 accent based on the sound of a cymbal being cut into a perfect circle, the unique sounds of the hammering of a cymbal, and the added nuances of recycled metal being processed for re-melting.


"Zildjian Factory Track"

Kaz's Cymbal Set Up:

This track is available for free download.  Be inspired by the making of a cymbal, and play along on your own kit!

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Download "Zildjian Factory" track here!


Kaz's stick features a Zildjian 3A diameter with an extra 3/4" of length for effortless reach around the entire kit. A long taper balances out the extra length and produces a great feel and response.

Length: .580"  Diam: 16 3/4"