Picasso of the play-along track. Master of “Music Minus One.” However you describe him, it’s undeniable that Kaz Rodriguez has made his mark on the digitally-connected drummers of today. His compositions are featured on some of the most inspiring solo drum performances on YouTube and Social Media. The new Kaz Rodriguez Signature Stick is designed to make a connection with the new generation of drummers. Inspired by Kaz’s own setup, the ZASKR is a longer-than-average stick, allowing drummers to reach their cymbals more effectively. With the diameter of a Zildjian 3A and a longer taper, the ZASKR feels comfortable in the hand and well-balanced around the drums.


Diameter = .580"   |     Length = 16.75"   |     Tip = Arrow/Teardrop Hybrid

Kaz Rodriguez ZASKR

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Watch Kaz Rodriguez unbox his Signature drumsticks for the first time, and discuss the concepts and features that went into its design!
Or see the sticks in action in Kaz's Zildjian Live performance!


"With one stick alone, I want to express as many colors as I can! The tip of this stick is designed almost like a pencil. Similar to drawing, you can play with the pointed tip of the stick for the ping sound of a cymbal or play with the shoulder of the stick for shading/washing when digging in.” – Kaz