This is a new channel for Zildjian and we plan to bring you a variety of great drumming content throughout the year.  Check back here or search for Zildjian on many of the top podcast platforms such as iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and Soundcloud for these and future episodes. 

To start, our first three episodes are hosted by Christain Swain of The Rock N Roll Archeology Project.  The RNRAP is a fan-based excavation and exploration of Rock N Roll.  Their network of podcasts explores how Rock N Roll affects the larger society, and how does the larger society affect Rock N Roll  Their mission is to prove the cultural, social and political relevance of the Rock N Roll art form through multiple original podcasts, digging deep to find the answers.

Episode 1:  The Company You Keep - The Epic Story of Zildjian & Music in America
Episode 2:  Deeper Digs with Omar Hakim
Episode 3:  Deeper Digs with Hal Blaine

EPISODE 1:  "The Company You Keep.  The History of Zildjian and Music in America."

This is a dynamic 73 minute podcast documentary on the history of Zildjian. Through a “theater of the mind” experience, you will take a journey over five centuries and across multiple continents to discover the official birth of Zildjian cymbals, the heroes who helped create them and the importance of the cymbal to the rise of popular music in America.

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EPISODE 2:  Deeper Digs with Omar Hakim

Widely acclaimed for his versatility, technological prowess and groove, Omar Hakim is one of the most successful drummers and session men of the past forty years. 

An American jazz, jazz fusion and pop music drummer, producer, arranger and composer. He has performed with some of the most high-profile music artists in the world, including David Bowie, Sting, Madonna, Dire Straits, Journey, Kate Bush, George Benson, Miles Davis, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and more. Bowie described Hakim as "a fascinating drummer, with impeccable timing and always fresh in his approach." Omar has left his imprint on hundreds recordings including several under his own name.

In 2017, Omar Hakim was named the new chair of the Percussion Department at Berklee College of Music.

Join Christian as he sits down with Professor Hakim and they dig into all things percussion, including his love of Zildjian cymbals.



EPISODE 3:  Deeper Digs with Hal Blaine

In this episode, we travel to Palm Springs, CA to sit down with legendary drummer Hal Blaine. 

Hal Blaine performed on 40 No. 1 singles and has played on more than 35,000 recorded tracks. A member of the fabled Wrecking Crew, he has backed such stars as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, the Ronettes, the Carpenters, John Denver, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, Steely Dan, The Byrds and many others.

As we release this podcast, Blaine, who is already in The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, was given The Grammy's Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's 60th annual event.

Hal Blaine was the busiest recording session drummer in Los Angeles in the 1960s and 1970s, playing the drums on — by his count of the Musicians Union Contracts — thousands of recordings, from the Wall of Sound productions of Phil Spector to Brian Wilson’s productions of the Beach Boys, and including most of the pop/rock performers in Los Angeles in the ’60s, as well as such notables as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. His memories were published in 1990 and the book, Hal Blaine and the Wrecking Crew is currently in its 3rd iteration. 

Join Christian as he sits down with this drummer extraordinaire for some great stories, as well as his love of Zildjian cymbals.


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