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25% off Chroma when you buy 4 or more pairs

A Flash of Chroma


Now's your time to shine! Shop now during this limited time flash sale, and get 25% off Chroma drumsticks when you buy four or more pairs, using promo code CHROMA25 at checkout.  Chroma is the perfect balance of flash AND finish, designed to be reliable and command attention.  Chroma is the first-ever metallic painted drumstick, giving you that dazzling, pearlescent look with every stroke.  Made from U.S. Select Hictory, Chroma has the durabilty of our redesigned Hickory 5A drumsticks.   Buy now, and get free shipping on orders $50+ (US only).  


Product Spotlight

Chroma Series Drumsticks

MArk guiliana

Mark Guiliana has become recognized as one of the world’s leading drummers, admired and in demand across the spectrum from jazz to rock to electronic music for his rhythmic sophistication, creative impulse and individual sound.

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Zildjian Live Season 1

Zildjian Live

Aaron Spears

Song - 'Shufflin' Off' by Robert Sput Searight 

Zildjian Live

Thomas Pridgen

Song - 'Sput Lives in 7' by Robert Sput Searight and Mark Lettieri

Zildjian Live

Will Kennedy

Song - '6 4 U' by Will Kennedy and Robert Sput Searight

Zildjian Live

Nikki Glaspie

Song - 'Feel Every Piece' by Robert Sput Searight

Zildjian Live

Omar Hakim

Song - 'Convergence' by Omar Hakim

Zildjian Live

Kaz Rodriguez

Song - 'Rain' By Kaz Rodriguez

Zildjian Live

Larnell Lewis

Song - 'Change Your Mind' by Larnell Lewis


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