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Corey Fonville

Butcher Brown, Christian Scott

Corey Fonville, an influential drummer in today's music scene, has dedicated his life to learning the craft and its history in order to be one of the best drummers of his time. As an artist and music-enthusiast, he studied a variety of genres, mostly through his father’s music collection, which generally consisted of jazz, R&B, alternative, and funk. His skills are rooted in an eclectic background and call attention to the fact that music is hard to typify. Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, Corey has played with recognized musicians whom have not only helped him develop as a drummer, but also introduced him to the life of a touring artist. Since the age of 2, Corey hasn’t been able to put the sticks down -- music was always his passion. He first started creating a buzz after high school when he attended New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. While he lived in New York City, he played almost every night with prominent artists from the city and quickly made close connections with influential musicians. He eventually left New School to study at the Dave Brubeck Institute in Stockton, CA where he received a full scholarship to play drums. The Brubeck Institute gave Corey the opportunity to network with many artists whom he aspired to be and to whom he listened when he was a child. Almost immediately after completing his studies at The Brubeck Institute, he began traveling the world with notable artists such as Nicholas Payton, Jacky Terrasson, and Christian Scott. Corey is currently working with Christian Scott Additionally, Corey has his own band Butcher Brown which he plans to continue recording with them and hopes to keep building a international fan base. Corey has proved that his skills make him one of the most recognizable and accomplished contemporary drummers.

Corey Fonville's setup

1.16" HiHats: K Custom Dark Crash (Top), K Light Bottom Hat (Bottom) *

2.12" FX Stack Pair w/ Mount

3.22" FX Oriental Crash of Doom

4.18" FX Spiral Trash

* May be prototype or discontinued

Behind the kit

Zildjian Underground - Corey Fonville

Corey Fonville - "Last Chieftain" by Christian Scott

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