Level One Zildjian Workout with Sean Knuth

Level One Zildjian Workout with Sean Knuth

In this ZILDJIAN WORKOUT episode, Sean Knuth covers variations on an exercise that's been a standard since the 1700's called "Three Camps." As one of the oldest and most famous compositions, Three Camps (in the tap-roll variation) was part of the Camp Duty, specifically as the reveille or camp 'wake up call'. In Sean's video, you'll play the accent pattern as an accent/tap "check", with buzzes, with tap-buzzes and tap rolls.
This exercise is great because it's not only a physical workout, but a mental one as well! Grab your sticks and get ready for a workout!


SEAN KNUTH is an active performer and educator in Southern California. In 2019 he became the Battery Caption Manager at the Blue Stars after teaching at the Academy Drum and Bugle Corps in 2011, the Blue Knights from 2012-2013, and Phantom Regiment, from 2014-2018.

Sean started his drum corps career in 2008 marching tenors with the Vanguard Cadets. After a successful season, he marched tenors with the Santa Clara Vanguard A Corps in 2009 and aged out with them in 2010. Sean graduated California State University, Northridge with a degree in Music Industry Studies.

Sean lives in Simi Valley, CA.