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George Kollias

Nile, Royal Time Machine, George Kollias Project, The Brass Project

George Kollias is the drummer of US death metal legends NILE and drummer of the Athenian Prog/Fusion Trio ROYAL TIME MACHINE. He has worked as an Educator at MODERN MUSIC SCHOOL and LAB MUSIC EDUCATION since 2005 and he is also a strong Clinician Drummer with hundreds of Drum Clinics/Masterclasses/Drum Festivals under his belt. He is very well known for his speed and his ability to execute double bass and single foot blast beats at insanely fast tempos but his diversity as a drummer shows very well on his prog/fusion trio and on his personal Brass Band Project where George also writes all the music himself. Although he was always a die hard metal fan, George’s mind was always open to other styles of music and this is something that shows in his playing. George has also an extreme metal side-project under his name where we writes all music and performs all the instruments as well. George have released 2 instruction DVDs, "Intense Metal Drumming" and "Intense Metal Drumming 2" as well as 2 books, "The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming: Part 1 The Beginning" and "The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming: Part 2 The Journey."

George Kollias

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What inspires me?

I get inspiration from pushing the bar every single day, every year and on every album. I always try to improve my playing for myself and the people I play music with, but I feel this is where the fun of drumming is anyway... To me, the journey is more important than anything else.


Words of Wisdom for the Next Generation of musicians

You gotta love what you do and do it as much as you possibly can. Talent is never enough, you got to put the miles in there if you want to become the best. And, what "being the best" would mean without enjoying the time getting there? Enjoy drumming TODAY and everyday!!!


Favorite Zildjian cymbals or combo

I love how my K/K Customs Crashes blend with my A Custom Mega Bell Rides! Crashes project a more mellow and dark sound while the Rides cut through everything! This is me 100%!!!