Kaz Rodriguez | Zildjian Drum Set Artist

Kaz Rodriguez

Josh Groban, Independent

Kaz Rodriguez's setup

1.12" FX Stack Pair w/ Mount

2.15" Prototype K HiHats *

3.18" K Dark Crash Thin Prototype *

4.19" K Constantinople Crash Ride

5.23" K Zildjian Sweet Ride

6.24" K Light Ride

7.22" Custom Oriental Crash of Doom with EFX Holes *

* May be prototype or discontinued

Behind the kit

Product Spotlight: Kaz Rodriguez Signature Stick

Kaz Rodriguez's Drumstick

Zildjian LIVE! - Kaz Rodriguez

Kaz Rodriguez 'Thoughts' drum playthrough

"Zildjian Factory" Track with Kaz Rodriguez

Hybrid Drumming with Kaz Rodriguez

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