Mr. Q Zildjian Cymbals Drum Set Artist

Mr.Q (Q Chen)

Jay Chou , session

Mr.Q (Q Chen) is a self-taught drummer since 1991, after quitting as a cellist. He started his pro career in 1998, working with several of the biggest Chinese stars and touring around the world, also serving as a consultant for several drum labels in Taiwan. In 2017, Mr.Q's own brand "Harvest Drum" handmade snare drums was announced. In late 2018, the handmade drumset was announced.

Behind the kit

20140712 周杰倫魔天倫演唱會~大連站~~陽光宅男drum cam

2012/09/26 Mr.Q在家錄音 [棉花糖新歌] 偽教學帶視角XD

喔!大樂團 OldaBanD【手牽手/Heal The World/明天會更好】Offical Live Video

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