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Nelli Bubujanca


Nelli Bubujanca is a notable representative of professional drummers in the Baltics. Her career started in 2004 with mentorship from a well-known instructor, a docent of “Latvian Academy of Music” and founder of a “Saulkrasti Jazz Festival” — Talis Gžibovskis. A few years later Nelli continued the journey on her own. Inspired by legendary figures like Adam Deitch, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Jojo Mayer, Mark Guiliana and Deniss Chambers to name a few, she never settled and always strived to improve her drumming. The first major project Nelli was involved in was the all-female rock band called “Red Bee”. It got great recognition in Latvia and gave her the opportunity to explore festivals in Europe and Baltics. At the same time Nelli was involved in various Latvian TV shows (notably “Guess The Melody” and “Eurovision Song Contest”). As a change of pace, Nelli spent the next couple of years in the Middle East playing with musicians from all over the world. After coming back to Latvia she started to cooperate with the band “PER” and their multi-talented frontman Ralfs Eilands. While her social presence on Facebook and Instagram grew, Nelli was noticed by famous Bangladeshi music composer Kaushik Hossain Taposh, and was invited to take part in the creation of a unique international musical project ”Wind Of Change” . The aim of the project was to unite popular Bangladeshi folk music with modern western rhythms in a live session format. The project was a huge success and had a massive audience response in Asia. It was performed on a number of stages across the country and was broadcasted on a national TV station. Aside from involving dozens of local celebrities, it featured such notable musicians from all over the world as: Mohini Dey, Rhythm Shaw, Anton Davidyants, Anna Rakita, Nadishana, Marco Minneman, Gergo Borlai and many more. Lately Nelli is cooperating and touring with various talented pop and rock Latvian artists, such as Miks Dukurs, Markus Riva, Atis Auzans, and Jānis Stībelis. In 2018 she was invited to participate in a tour with “Brainstorm” (the biggest Latvian band), as a drummer/percussionist. The tour’s closing concert took place in Riga with a record high attendance of 60,000 people. In 2019 their collaboration with the “Brainstorm” continued, and together they participated in the biggest festivals in Russia and a number of shows across Asia. For a few years now, she has a key role in the stage show “ART ” — a production of the National Theatre of Latvia, creating improvised music on drums throughout the whole play. It quickly became one of the most visited shows of the National Theatre. As a resident of a night club “Coyote Fly”, Nelli becomes a solo performer by night. Her act includes a wide selection of dance music, and the blend of upbeat electronic mixes with live drumming makes for a powerful experience. Occasionally Nelli is invited to host a drumming workshop in both her hometown and abroad. Nelli’s goal is to continue further developing her style in a multitude of genres, and to focus on more frequent social media presence by creating engaging video content.

Behind the kit

Nelly funky drumsolo

Emotional drumming part with Diana Sus and White Fox Band.

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