Norikazu Ejiri | Zildjian Drum Set Artist

Norikazu Ejiri

RIZKEN, Independent

Norikazu Ejiri was born in Tokyo Japan. His career spans over 40 years as an all-around drummer & percussionist as the session work with various artists. Ejiri is currently researching drum and rhythm training method at the Rhythm Education laboratory. He is active as the drummer who had extemporariness of the jazz and symphonic sensitivity.

Norikazu Ejiri's setup

1.14" A Zildjian New Beat HiHats – Pair

2.17" K Dark Crash Thin, Brilliant *

3.12" K Splash

4.20" K Heavy Ride *

5.18" A Flat Top Ride w/ 6 Rivets *

6.16" K Dark Crash Medium Thin, Brilliant *

* May be prototype or discontinued

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