Peach van Pletzen | Zildjian Drum Set Artist

Peach van Pletzen

Bittereinder, Van Pletzen, Joseph Clark, Independent

Peach van Pletzen is a highly skilled musician, music producer and mixing engineer that has been active in the music industry since 2003. As a musician he has performed all over the world at clubs, festivals and stadiums. By day he works as senior producer and mixing engineer at PLANET AWESOME. He has produced three SAMA award-winning albums and numerous chart topping hits for a variety of South African artists. He has been associated with several of South Africa’s most renowned acts in both a live and studio capacity including Tumi Molekane (Stogie-T), Bittereinder, Zaki Ibrahim and Van Coke Kartel. Being a musician, producer and mixing engineer Peach has a unique understanding of the artists- as well as the technical processes involved in creating, performing and releasing music.

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