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21" A Zildjian Mega Bell Ride

21" A Zildjian Mega Bell Ride

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Let your ride patterns shine through and drive every rock song, with a bell sound that will pierce even the loudest mixes.

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Ride Pattern


They'll have to sing louder. With the largest cymbal bell in captivity, the 21" Mega Bell Ride produces a bell sound that can cut through the thickest wall of rock amplification and your singer's loudest screams. Take that, vocal cords.
  • The 'Mega Bell' cuts through thickest wall of guitars and screams
  • Produces a "ping" bell sound unlike any other
  • Contains 'the largest cymbal bell in captivity'
  • An absolute beast of a ride cymbal at extra-heavy weight
  • Make the rest of the band turn up


  • Diameter: 21”
    Weight: Extra Heavy
    Family: A Family

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