Sandy Baliong | Zildjian Drum Set Artist

Sandy Baliong

Kitchie Nadal, Aia de Leon, Acel van Ommen

Sandy hit his first tune at an early age. Although he was on piano keys, followed by guitar in high school, drums are what finally gave him a soul-special language and an art that his heart and mind could craft. In 2004 Sandy found himself laying down beats in a recording session with Los Angeles grown Christian band, Pigs with Pearls. Later he would join Acel van Ommen (Former Moonstarr 88). Five years after his recording gigs, Sandy was chosen to represent the country at the World Music Festivals held in Taiwan, playing for a local folk-pop artist. Today he plays his soul out for the country’s Pop-Rock icons Kitchie Nadal and Aia de Leon (former Imago).

Behind the kit

"Ligaya" by Kitchie Nadal | Rock-A-By Mama

Acel: Pitik Bulag (Official Music Video)

Kitchie Nadal - Huwag na Huwag mong Sasabihin Drum Cam

Sound Sample Zildjian K Custom Hybrid and Zildjian K Sweet Sets

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