A Orchestral


Symphonic Tone

The traditional A Zildjian sound. Bright, full bodied and natural - in light (French), medium (Viennese) and heavy (German) weights.

Concert Stage

A perfect blend of quick, responsive overtones over a wide sonic spectrum ideal for contemporary Concert Band composition. The profile offers a new shape that allows for easy "playability" for all levels of Concert Band performers.


Specially designed in close association with the world's top drum corps specialists. Their warm, shimmering sound projects clearly into every corner of a stadium, with the ability for emphatic "zing" effects and a smooth, bright blend of overtones.


Z-MAC, Zildjian Multi-Application Cymbals, provide the right sound and projection for a wide variety of educational uses, from the concert hall, on the marching field, to the jazz band. The A Zildjian Z-MAC is full, high-pitched, bright and rich in harmonic structure. Straps and pads not included

Classic Orchestral

A perfect blend of brilliant overtones and harmonics in a size and weight that is manageable for articulate passages as well as long crashes. They incorporate control, feel, and playability. Recommended for use in all concert settings. Brilliant finish top, traditional finish bottom.

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