Zildjian cymbals carry a two year warranty, from date of purchase, against manufacturing flaws. Zildjian requires that all cymbals for warranty replacement be returned to us for review. Quality is important to us and we use these opportunities to track the manufacture of the cymbal in question to ensure quality continues to improve.

Please note, Zildjian can only warranty cymbals purchased from an authorized Zildjian Dealer as only then can we guarantee the original condition of a cymbal purchased. We suggest before purchasing, that you check with the retailer directly on their return / warranty policy. For a list of authorized dealers, please visit the Dealer Locator on our website.

If you have a warranty claim for an item that has been discontinued, Zildjian will replace your purchase with a similar item of equal or lesser value.



Zildjian Electronic Drum kits carry a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects under normal use on parts, 90 day labor (excluding cables & power adapter) on drums, hardware & electronics.  The low-volume E-FAMILY cymbals themselves (excluding electronics) carry the same 2-year warranty as our standard cymbals. 



Zildjian drumsticks and mallets are not covered under warranty. However, we stand behind all our products and if you feel you have received a defective drumstick, please contact us at (800) 229-8672 or email us here.



Due to the wide range of usage, Zildjian accessories vary in warranty coverage. Click here to view our accessories and warranty details.



Please request a RA# here online. Once you have your RA#, please return the cymbal to:
Avedis Zildjian Company
22 Longwater Drive
Norwell, MA 02061
R/A No. __________



Please enclose a copy of your original purchase receipt with your cymbal, as this is vital in determining the warranty period. Stores normally keep these on file if you need to obtain one. For online orders, a printout including date of purchase and the item will suffice. A cymbal will not be replaced if it has been: misplayed/abused, dropped, played with excessive force or has pieces broken off; Cymbals bought second hand or used in backlines, as rentals or in recording studios, or are more than two years beyond date of purchase, are not covered under warranty.

Please package your broken cymbal in a clean box from your local Post Office or UPS Store. Do not use pizza boxes or anything similar. Cymbals returned in anything other than clean packing may be returned to sender unopened. Please allow 6-8 weeks for your replacement cymbal.

Note: Customers outside of the United States must return cymbals directly to the dealer/store that they purchased them from. The store will, in turn, contact its distributor for replacement.

Note: For Customers inside of the European Union seeking more information, please refer to the Guarantees & Returns section of the Europa.eu website.