Kristina Schiano | Zildjian Drum Set Artist

Kristina Schiano


Kristina Schiano is from Brooklyn, NY. She's a content creator on YouTube and session musician for various artists. Her main goal with all of this is to inspire girls and boys to not be afraid of being different. The digital world is very harsh and hateful, but she pushes fans to look further and find the beauty because there most certainly is a lot of it. She's built personal relationships with fans and wants them to know that achieving their dreams is one hundred percent possible if they work hard for it. Rock on!

* May be prototype or discontinued

Behind the kit

Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement) - Cover Ft. Cole Rolland

Blue - Eiffel 65 - Cole Rolland & Kristina Schiano (Cover)

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Photo Credits:
Header: Kevin Eassa
Profile: Cole Rolland