Spike T Smith Zildjian Cymbals Drum Set Artist

Spike T. Smith

Conflict & English Dogs

Spike T. Smith is a British professional freelance session drummer, artist, performer, musician and song-writer. He’s spent many years working internationally with some of the world’s finest artists and musicians, including Morrissey, punk legends The Dammed, Killing Joke, New York Dolls, Steve Ignorant/Crass, Sham 69, Chinese pop sensation Ai Jing and doom metal heavyweights Sacrilege, to name just a few. Originally from Wales, Spike has played drums and performed since he was 13 years old. He’s been described by Rhythm magazine “As the British version of American session heavy-weight, Josh Freese” with regards his varied & colourful playing career.

Behind the kit

The Life of a Drummer

Spike T Smith - Video Diary From The Freddie Gee Drum Academy

Spike T Smith - The More I See - Igniting The Flame (Drum Playthrough)

Spike T Smith - No Means No - Wiggly Worm (Drum Cover)

Spike T Smith - Morrissey - Meat Is Murder Live (Drum Playthrough)

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