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The Zildjian Reflexx
Conditioning Pad

Level Up Your Practice

Introducing the Zildjian Reflexx Conditioning Pad, the latest in Zildjian practice gear, designed to promote strength, sensitivity, and endurance while allowing for a greater range of velocity, helping to develop smaller stabilizing muscles in the fingers and wrists.  Partnering with industry innovator, Reflexx, on design, the Zildjian Reflexx Conditioning Pad is dual-sided, featuring a 3/4-inch FLEXX surface that offers medium resistance and rebound, ideal for all techniques and velocities.  Flip it over to reveal a 1/2-inch WORKK surface that offers less bounce overall, making it a good place to practice techniques that involve the upper and lower arm, and wrist specific velocities.  Shop Zildjian Reflexx Conditioning Pads today to elevate your practice and conditioning.

Zildjian Reflexx Conditioning Pads

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Zildjian Reflexx Conditioning Pads

Build your technique without the noise. Up to 50% quieter than standard practice pads. Available in both 6-inch and 10-inch sizes.

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22 inch fx Oriental Crash of Doom





22" Crash of Doom

a booming accent that's dark and explosive


These pads enable you to practice very quietly, and develop muscle control, endurance, strength, and power. They feel awesome."

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