Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

World Of Dance Tour/Independent

Aaron Smith is an independent artist who had a passion for music at a very early age. Born in Muncie Indiana he started playing by the age of two. Learning very quickly the concept of drumming he was soon playing drums consistently at church by age 6. By the time he was 10, Aaron was recording professionally. That gave him a platform to learn more and stretch his musical abilities. At 18 Aaron was traveling nationally playing for various gospel groups, touring and eventually was given the opportunity to teach drum clinics all over the U.S. Aaron transferred from Berklee College Of Music to Indiana University to finish his college degree in music. It was in that transition where his social media presence began to grow phenomenally and he started to teach what he knew on an international scale. He has played and recorded for a number of well-known groups and artists including Scott Guynn and Weapons, Brian Reeves & Heart After God, Doobie Powell, the widely popular Williams Singers, Funkyardx and The Franchize Band. Currently he is producing his first EP which will feature numerous independent artists to pay tribute to his hometown. He is looking forward to working with more national artists and using his social media influence to give back to the musical community by hosting drum clinics on a global scale.

Aaron Smith

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My friends and family inspire me the most. They motivate me to keep going in my career, even when I don't feel like it! They cheer me on, they encourage me, and they keep me uplifted. These are things that are very important in my growth as a person, and my career.



Dont worry about the nay sayers. Dont worry about the ones who dislike you, stay focused on the things you have going for yourself, and block out all negativity!



My Favorite cymbal is the Oriental Crash of Doom! I cannot live without it! No matter what setup I use (Big or Small) It is in my setup at least once or twice! I love "the doom" so much that sometimes I'll even have 2 of them in one setup!

Behind the kit

Jazz Cigs by Aaron Smith

"Pesto" Drum Cover by Aaron Smith

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