Adam Deitch

Adam Deitch

Adam Deitch (Lettuce, Break Science, The Adam Deitch Quartet)

Adam Deitch is a 4 time Grammy nominated drummer, composer, arranger and producer. Inspired by his drumming parents who met at Berklee in the early 1970s, Adam began playing along to Earth Wind and Fire/ Stevie Wonder/ and Tower of Power records at around 6 years old on his Moms drums. 

Adams' career as a touring drummer began with a 3 year stint with Funk legends AWB, shooting a "Live in LA" concert video released worldwide in 01.  Shortly after AWB, he joined the John Scofield "Uberjam Band". With this quartet, Adam toured the world and cut 3 records with the Miles Davis alumni guitarist,  "Uberjam" being nominated for best contemporary jazz album in 2002. 

After 3 years with Scofield, Adam joined multi platinum vocalist/producer Wyclef Jean and toured the globe for another 3 years before leaving to concentrate on his bands Lettuce and Break Science which he tours with full time. 

Lettuce is a Funk band with psychedelic hip hop overtones whose album "Elevate" was nominated for a Grammy in 2019. Break Science, his electronic project has played the biggest EDM festivals in the states along with joining the producer phenomenon Pretty Lights. 

Adam has done drum clinics all over the world including Modern Drummer Festival 2010 and PASIC 2017 in collaboration with his long time endorsers Tama and Zildjian.  

Adams recent venture is a subscription based drum intructional website with in depth lessons from beginner to advanced called Deitch Academy. His quartet has one record out called "Egyptian Secrets" which he composed and played drums. 

As a producer Adam has co written and produced for artists such as Ledisi ( Best R&B album 2010 Grammy Nominee) to Platinum selling MC 50 Cent ( the Curtis LP) Legendary MC Talib Kweli and pop legend Justin Timberlake. 

Adam Deitch'S SETUP:

  1. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Loose: 10” K Custom Hybrid Splash HH: 15” K Light Hihats CR1: 20” K Custom Dark Crash CR3: 17” K Special Dry FX Crash - CR3 (stack): 14” K Custom Special Dry FX top Hihat - CR3 (stack): 10” K Custom Special Dry Splash Ride: 22” K Custom Dark Ride CR2: 19” K Custom Special Dry Crash - CR2 (stack): 6” A Custom Splash

* May be prototype

IN 3

Adam Deitch's
IN 3


    What inspires me is innovation. A unique stew that has familiar ingredients yet tastes unique. A sound that is so one of a kind, that it has you wondering what elements combined to create it in the 1st place. Musicians that push boundaries while having closely studied what has already been done push me to look forward and always try to find my OWN path.


    Word of advice would be to study the new AND the old styles. Know cats from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, early 2000s, and now in as many styles that interest you. Embrace technology that helps you create music so youre not always dependent on others writing for you. Be good to others and remember, drummers are a family.


    The most unique aspect of my cymbal setup is the main stack.