Born and raised in Saarland in the South-West of Germany, Alex is known for his work with international metal giants such as Annihilator, Stratovarius, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody or Kamelot. After various features in European drum magazines, Drumheads magazine included him in the "50 Most Influential German Drummers" in their 2010 special issue "Drum Heroes".

In 2016, together with friends from Swedish Metal legends In Flames and Amaranthe, Alex founded the band Cyhra, which has since released their debut on Universal records and toured extensively in Europe and the US. In 2018, Alex joined the Progressive Symphonic Metal act Kamelot from Florida/USA and has been touring with them and Cyhra ever since.

Alex has held drum clinics in many different places already, including Canada, China, and many European countries. He currently lives in London/UK.

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