Alexandre Frazao

Alexandre Frazao

Alexandre Frazao is a native of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, but came to Portugal at the age of 19, where he settled since 1987. Still in Brazil, he studied at the Conservatory in 1984. Frazao also studied with Alan Dawson, Kenny Washington and Max Lataes.In Portugal she devoted mainly to jazz and improvised music, having collaborated, among others with Maria Joao (singer) and Mario Laginha, Bernardo Sassetti, Carlos Martins, Laurent Filipe, Rodrigo Gona§alves, Carlos Barretto, Fiction, Dave O'Higgins, Perico Sambeat, Jon Freeman, Mark Turner. Due to his versatility, he is often asked to record with musicians of other musical languages, having worked, for example, with Resistaªncia (band), Pedro Abrunhosa, Rui Veloso, Valentine's Day, Nuno Rebelo, Rao Kyao, Jaºlio Pereira, Joel Xavier and Tim Tim by Tim Tum with Jim Black.

Having participated in many albums of other artists are, however, important milestones of his career the albums œNocturno by Bernardo Sassetti, œFilactera by Mario Delgado, œUndercovers by Maria Joao (singer) and Mario Laginha, œTempo Abrunhosa, and Rui Veloso's DVDs, œThe Acoustic Concert, and Valentine's Wing, œLive at S. Luiz". With Mario Delgado and Sargio Carolino he founded the Trio TGB (Tuba, Guitar, Drums) in 2002, which recorded the album of the same name. With the various groups that he has joined or is a member of, he has performed several concerts in Portugal and abroad, in France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, China, Belgium, Denmark and participated in numerous festivals, such as Jazz in August. , Porto European Festival, Serralves Jazz and Macau International Festival. At the moment, Alexandre Frazao participates in the group Tim Tim by Tim Tum (group of drums) and the group Led On, tribute to tribute to Led Zeppelin, but maintaining a regular activity with other artists and in jazz and other musical areas. He also currently acts together with the Dead Combo.

Alexandre Frazao'S SETUP:

1.14" HiHats - K Constantinople (top), K Custom Session (bottom) *
2.Stack - 9" FX Oriental Trash Splash (bottom), 6" Splash (top) *
3.19" K Dark Thin Crashes
4.22" K Custom High Definition Ride
5.10" FX China Trash

6.15" FX Azuka Latin Multi-Crash *
7.16" K Dark Thin Crashes

* May be prototype