André Silva

Calema / Carolina Deslandes / Live in Loops

André Silva, Viseu, Portugal, March 20th 1986.

His passion for music urged from early age, playing drums since the age of 3.
Started playing with Popular music bands since he was 12, as well as studying with the greatest names in Portugal: Luís Nobre, Vicky Marques, Leandro Leonet, Hugo Danin and Michael Lauren were essential to his drumming foundation and accuracy in what his playing became.
He also attended college, between 2004 and 2007, where he graduated in new Multimedia & Communication, by University of Aveiro.

Since he is living in Lisbon back in 2008, he has being working as a successful freelancer. Currently is playing with Calema, the stars of South touring over Portugal, Europe and Africa. Also plays for the main Pop Artist in Portugal, Carolina Deslandes, working also as a Musical Director for the last 5 years. Played few years with Barbara Bandeira, opening for Coldplay during their 4 shows in Portugal. Also played for so many artists, such as Anselmo Ralph, Cuca Roseta, Carminho, Mariza ,Aurea, Tony Momrelle, Rick James, Dazkarieh, Light Gun Fire, Lionskin, Cherry, D8, Berg, Luis Represas, Kataleya, Paulo Flores, Boss AC, Missy M, Amor Vilão, Nu Soul Family, Mafalda Veiga, Gota, Groove my Soul, Dazkarieh, Just Girls.

Participated in workshops by: Dom Famularo, Thomas Lang, Virgil Donati, Mike Mangini, Dafnis Prieto, António Sanches, Chad Smith, Stanton Moore, Ignacio Berroa.

He also teaches drum classes using his very unique App Live in Loops, a method developed over these last years, having thousands of users all around the World.

Nowadays, André is a multifaceted drum player, hard working, with a unique character that allows a perfect symbiosis between him and his drum, that plays with heart and soul which makes every performance special and unique for those who see him. He has a a very promising future ahead and a very strong willing to learn that makes him be praised by everyone, especially those who where his teachers and now are colleagues.

André Silva'S SETUP:

  1. 8” A Custom EFX/10” A Custom
  2. 14” A Custom Hi Hat
  3. 18” A Custom EFX
  4. 10” FX Oriental China Trash/12” A Custom
  5. 20” K Constantinople Renaissance Ride
  6. 16” FX stack/16” A Custom Crash
  7. 18” K Sweet Crash
  8. 18” K Dark Thin Crash

* May be prototype

IN 3

André Silva's
IN 3


    18” A Custom EFX with 10” A Custom