Raised in a musical family, daughter of pop singer Bojoura and drummer Hans Cleuver (ex-drummer of the progressive rock band Focus), Emilie learned drumming at her parents knees. It was at her fathers school, Drumschool Cleuver in The Hague in the Netherlands, where she grew up with lots of music, which inspired her to become a drummer, too.

After high school, she studied (Theoretical) Mathematics at Leiden University and Econometrics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. During that period she studied drums intensively, performing in different bands and projects. Apart from being a drummer, Emilie also developed herself as a percussion player. She now is experienced at playing both drums and percussion in (electronic) pop & dance, funk, soul, fusion, hip hop, world, swing, Cuban and West-African music and has performed in different projects & productions such as Cirque Stiletto (featuring leading lady Ellen ten Damme), singer Rose Spearman, world/dance group Mama DC, all female Cuban band ZuleMax, and percussion group Slagerij van Kampen. Currently she is playing the drums in Cirque du Soleils big top touring show Amaluna in North-America & Canada.

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