Glenn Kotche

Glenn Kotche


Ive been the drummer with American rock band, Wilco, since 2001. With Wilco, Ive gotten to perform worldwide and have recorded eight studio albums - garnering a Grammy and 5 Grammy nominations along the way. As a composer, Ive released six solo albums and have been fortunate to work with dozens of groundbreaking ensembles, orchestras and individuals. I really enjoy creating in the studio as well and appear on over 90 recordings. I frequently play solo shows and explore the kit as a kind of multi-media, multiple percussion instrument. I live in Chicago with my wife Miiri, and our two children.

Glenn Kotche'S SETUP:

  1. Wilco Kit: 1. E
  2. E flat
  3. F low octave crotales 2. 6" A Effects bell cymbal - medium thin 3. 15" K Custom Special Dry hi-hat tops pair 4. 16" or 17" K Custom Special Dry Crash 5. 20" Kerope Ride 6. 19" K Custom Special Dry Crash with a 7. 12" EFX Spiral Trash hanging underneath 8. 6" A Effects bell cymbal - medium *also small Zildjian frying pans w/hh clutches to mount piggyback on cymbals for certain songs. Solo Kit: 1. 8” FX Oriental China Trash upside down and on top of an 8” Soundlab prototype 2. 14” Dark Thin Top HiHat on the bottom with an 8” ZXT Trashformer resting on it (upside down) with a 13” Special Dry HiHat top as the top cymbal 3. A 10” K Special dry splash resting on top of a 12” K Custom dark splash 4. a 10” FX Oriental trash china inverted on top of a 12” Oriental trash china inverted on top of a 12” sound lab prototype inverted 5. a 9” FX Oriental China Splash on top of an 8” Sound Lab prototype mini china 6. a 4” A sound effects bell cymbal 7. an 8” spiral stacker upside down with a felt in between and on top of a 20” K light flat ride 8. a 10” spiral stacker inverted and resting on a 20” inverted A Pang 9. On the floor - an 8” FX Oriental China trash with a hand crash cym strap 10. not pictured - a 12” spiral stacker hanging down on it’s own used as a crash on the far left of my kit. 11. not pictured - high and low octave crotales

* May be prototype

IN 3

Glenn Kotche's
IN 3


    Discovery. Waking up and working something out that I couldn’t play the day before. Taking the drumset into all kinds of non-traditional settings and figuring out how to make it work and make it compelling. Honing in on and adjusting the most subtle of performance nuances while playing a song that I’ve played consistently for 19 years.


    Always have big ears. Listen to and observe all that's around you. Push yourself and be brave when your instincts tell you do something new and original and potentially disastrous or embarrassing. Look for inspiration not only in music but in the other arts, and life and relationships.


    20" 1970's A Pang