Jason "Malletman" Taylor

Taylor grew up in Brooklyn, NY listening to Lionel Hamptons music. His mother, who was a fan of Hamptons and would go see him perform at the Apollo Theater, introduced her son to the jazz legends work. Taylor started out playing the drums when he was 12 years old. He then went on to play the xylophone before falling in love with the vibraphone, which he describes as being œthe most beautiful sounding instrument. He became dedicated to mastering the œvibes just like Hampton, who was so impressed during his first meeting with Taylor in 1981, that he took in the young œMalletman as his protaga and became his mentor. Taylor is known for his unique presentation of Jazz, R&B and Swing, creating a signature sound that he calls œVibrafunk. He has been in the company of such greats as Benny Goodman, Dizzy Gillespie, James Brown, Branford Marsalis, Steve Washington, B.B. King, Albert King, Carmine Appice, Randy Brecker.

Jason "Malletman" Taylor'S SETUP:

1.14" HiHats - K Constantinople (top), K Custom Session (bottom) *
2.Stack - 9" FX Oriental Trash Splash (bottom), 6" Splash (top) *
3.19" K Dark Thin Crashes
4.22" K Custom High Definition Ride
5.10" FX China Trash

6.15" FX Azuka Latin Multi-Crash *
7.16" K Dark Thin Crashes

* May be prototype