I started playing at age 12. A student practicing at school caught my attention, I took lessons at school and used to practice every lunch time in the music room. Bought my first ever kit First kit at age 16 from earnings from a summer job that I had in-between school and college. After a year of learning guitar chose the drumkit as my thing!

I'm currently playing for Alison Moyet, (x)Propaganda and Josh Milan.

Past artists include: Labrinth, Sigma, Don Blackman, Cleopatra, Mica Paris, Imagination, Rahsaan Patterson, Spacek and Rodney P, Bamboo from the Philippines.

Pocket and groove are the things that make me tick and supporting singers/artists with charisma and a story to tell. I've been shaped by: the late 80s rave / house scene, 80s chart pop, 90s RnB, soul and hip hop, 90s and 00s rock and pop, 70s funk and early jungle leading to todays drum and bass.

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