Yoron Israel


Chicago native Yoron Israel is among his generation's most gifted musicians. He began his journey in church, where he honed his skills as a drummer, pianist, and vocalist.

Yoron's captivating musical and visionary prowess as a band leader are showcased throughout notable recordings on his label: Ronja Music Company, including "New Dreams," "This Moment," "Visions," "Basic Traneing," and "A Gift for You." Also, on critically acclaimed albums such as “Chicago” (Double Time label) and “Live at the Blue Note” (Half Note) and as co-leader of the Frank Walton/Yoron Israel Sextet, he is featured on “Live in Chicago” and “The Back Step” (Han-Wal Productions).

"Music to be Enjoyed by All" and "Music to Uplift and Heal" are guiding principles of his art. As Jack DeJohnette aptly puts it, "Yoron's works are sparkling musical offerings from a drummer with good taste. He has a sense of direction and a feeling of joy in his drumming, compositions, and arrangements. Yoron Israel is an important voice you should listen to."

Yoron is Chair and Professor of Percussion at Berklee College of Music. He is the author of the online course "Drum Set Performance 101" and the educational video "Creative Jazz Improvisation for Drum Set" (Hal Leonard). He also serves as Pastor of Music and Arts at Destiny Life Center International Church (Brockton, MA) and Artistic Director of the "Jazz in the Sanctuary-South Shore" concert series. His distinctive educator, activist, and administrator roles testify to his commitment to nurturing the next generation.

Yoron's musical evolution is marked by his collaborations with some of history's most prolific artists. These include performances on more than 200 recordings and world tours with Ahmad Jamal, Horace Silver, Abbey Lincoln, Sonny Rollins, Joe Lovano, and Roy Hargrove, among numerous others. His current work with Laszlo Gardony, Avery Sharpe, Chico Freeman, Jay Hoggard, and The Makanda Project attests to his versatility and immense talent.

Yoron Israel'S SETUP:

  1. 14" K Custom Special Dry Hi-Hat
  2. 19" K Custom Special Dry Crash/Ride
  3. 21" K Custom Special Dry Ride
  4. 18" Custom Special Dry Crash
  5. 18" Custom Special Dry Trash China
  6. 10" Custom Special Dry Splash (placed above the China)
  7. 16" Custom Special Dry Crash

* May be prototype

IN 3

Yoron Israel's
IN 3


    Every day that I wake up inspires me because it means that I have another day to be thankful for, another opportunity to love my family and those around me, another day to do what I love, and another precious day to experience growth in an area of my life that I'm passionate about.


    Many of the answers to issues that arise in our quest to become the musician, drummer, and artist we want to be can be found in the practice room. There is no substitution for dedicated, purposeful practice of our craft; it's the measuring stick of our passion for our art.


    Although my current go-to series is the K Custom Special Dry, my favorite Zildjian Cymbal Series has to be the K Constantinople because of its versatility and availability. No matter the style of music, when I'm unable to have my personal cymbals, I am secure when Constantinople cymbals are supplied. They also seem to be reasonably accessible throughout the world.