Juan 'Frojax' Frochaux Garcia | Zildjian Drum Set Artist

Juan 'Frojax' Frochaux Garcia

Los Nuevos Bajos, Independent

I was born in La Villa de Los Santos, Panamá. I've played drums for most of my life. At 7, I moved to the United States with my family where I cut my teeth as a drummer in the Miami punk scene of the 90's. In search of new opportunities, I later moved to NYC where I spent most of my days showing up to auditions and working on acquiring more experience as a musician. Through music I've made life-long friends, as well as had the privilege of discovering many wonderful places. Over the years, I've had the honor and good fortune of playing and touring alongside different artists as well as personal heroes of mine such as CJ Ramone (The Ramones), Latin Grammy-winner Emilio Regueira (Rabanes), among others. I currently play in Los Nuevos Bajos, a post-punk-bolero ensemble that features Spike Slawson (Me First and The Gimme Gimmes) on vocals. When given the opportunity, I enjoy participating in clinics and other events that promote drum culture and a positive lifestyle. I strongly believe in rhythm as a powerful language that has the power to break down barriers and bring people of all cultures and races together.

Juan 'Frojax' Frochaux Garcia

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I'm inspired by dedication, commitment, mileage and artists that can walk the walk.



Enduring tough times is half the battle, the journey can be great but also difficult, and even at times it can seem meaningless. Focus on your goal, always work hard, be open, humble, and stay up at all costs.



A Custom Fast Crashes and 19" K Custom Dark Crash.

I love my current setup, which is a mix of A Customs and a K Dark Crash. I'd say it's a lot like me: big, loud and to the point.

Behind the kit

EX-NOVIOS feat. Renato - Soy El Mas Sensual (LIVE at Corredor Sur)

EX-NOVIOS feat. Lilo Sánchez - Enfermo de Amor (LIVE at Corredor Sur)

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Profile, Artist In 3: Aldo Zerna
Header: Daniel Prieto
Kit: Luz Bonadies