I Family

14" I Trash Crash / HiHat Top

14" I Trash Crash / HiHat Top

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A unique and funky 14" trash crash that can also be used as a hihat top for a raw, aggressive sound.



Trash Crash - Crescendo Hits
Trash Crash - Hits
Trash HH - Close to Open
Trash HH - Open, Close Pattern


Taking its name from Ilham, the Turkish word for inspiration, the I Family is a collection of expressive sounds designed to bring your playing to the next level. Broaden your sonic horizons from the fundamentals, and let your individual voice shine with this family of cymbals that feature modern weights and sizes, hammering, and extensive lathing. Explore and go further with I, and with the entire universe of Zildjian.
  • Expressive I Family sounds let your individual voice shine
  • The series to explore beyond the fundamentals
  • Funky trash crash
  • Use as crash or an FX hi hat top
  • Raw, aggressive sound


  • Diameter: 14”
    Weight: Thin
    Family: I Family

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