Other Orchestral Lines

18" S Suspended

18" S Suspended

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A dynamic suspended cymbal designed for concert band, indoor and outdoor percussion ensembles.



Single Strikes, soft to loud; yarn mallets
Rolls; yarn mallets
Stick Strikes


Medium thin in weight, the S Family suspended cymbal is suitable from concert band to indoor/outdoor percussion ensembles. Offering a full range of dynamics, this cymbal offers versatility from soft crescendos cymbal swells to a fortissimo crash. Cymbal mallets sold separately.
  • Expressive suspended cymbal
  • Suitable from concert band to indoor/outdoor percussion ensembles
  • Offers full range of dynamics
  • Versatility from soft crescendos to fortissimo crashes
  • Responsive, medium thin weight


  • Diameter: 18”
    Weight: Medium Thin
    Family: Other Orchestral Lines

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