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20" Xiang Jia Gong

20" Xiang Jia Gong

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Warm, rich tones that work well in small and meditative settings.

SKU: ZXGO00620


Strokes/Pattern - Wind Mallet
Strokes/Pattern - General Mallet


Xiang Jia Gongs stand out first in design – the unlathed bronze gives this gong a beautiful, natural look, with a subtle geometric pattern across its playing surface. Its raw finish coupled with deeper rims help result in rich, enveloping tones, suitable for chamber music and meditative settings. Its sonic characteristics do not lend it to thunderous effects like other gongs, but rather warmer tones that resonate with arresting presence. Xiang Jia gongs can produce a deep sound, as well as clearer, higher-pitched tones, depending on the mallet size used. The Zildjian 20" Xiang Jia Gong features a small Zildjian logo etched into the front of the gong and a small black logo printed on the back of the gong, with a black hanging rope.
  • Rich, warm tones for musical or meditative settings
  • 20" dia., 26.5 lbs
  • Includes hanging rope
  • Small engraved Zildjian logo on front, black Zildjian logo on back
  • Low-to-medium volume


  • Diameter: 20”
    Family: Other Orchestral Lines

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