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21" Z Custom Mega Bell Ride

21" Z Custom Mega Bell Ride

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Available in the classic 21” size, the Mega Bell Ride features the largest cymbal bell in the Zildjian cymbal family and the brightest, loudest, and most expressive bell tone which will project over even the loudest on-stage mix.

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Bell Pattern
Bow Pattern


30 years after their launch, an icon of the Zildjian cymbal family returns to our portfolio. The reimagined Z Custom series delivers powerfully explosive, bright, and cutting sounds for drummers to unleash their sound across metal, punk, hard rock and more. A revised design enhances the musicality, feel, and durability of these legendary cymbals. Featuring a brilliant finish and the classic star pattern of the original Z Custom, they look as good as they sound. The signature Z Custom sound cuts through any mix, delivering bold tones for limitless musical expression.
  • The largest ride cymbal bell in Zildjian catalog
  • ‘Mega bell’ will cut through the loudest on-stage mix
  • Loud, expressive and heavy-weight
  • Designed for hard-hitting metal and hard rock drummers
  • Most requested ride cymbal in Zildjian catalog


  • Diameter: 21” | 50.8cm
    Weight: Extra Heavy
    Family: Z Family

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