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6" Small Zil Bel

6" Small Zil Bel

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Bright, clear, musical bell tone, ideal for accents and other special effects.

SKU: A20001




Small 6" bell that projects a clear, cutting linear bell sound that is bright and high-pitched, and sings with a long ringing sustain. Mount on a separate cymbal stand or stack upside down atop another cymbal for additional tones. Ideal for special accents and effects.
  • Clear, cutting, linear bell sound
  • Smaller bell shape for bright, high-pitched tone
  • Sings with long, ringing sustain
  • Mount on its cymbal stand or upside down atop another cymbal
  • Ideal for special accents and effects


  • Diameter: 6”
    Weight: Heavy
    Family: FX Family

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