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21" Articulation Ride

21" Articulation Ride

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Enjoy a crisp stick sound without losing the crash with the Articulation Ride, an innovative dual-finish cymbal collaboration inspired by Aaron Spears.

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Ride Pattern
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The Articulation Ride is a visually unique and sonically versatile concept that was designed in collaboration with Zildjian Artist Aaron Spears.


This cymbal features a focused, clear stick definition, but the lathing near the edge and large cluster hammering increases the flexibility to allow it to open easily for quick, dry crashes that you would not expect from a ride with such great articulation.  Its bell also has strong body and great projection despite the cymbal"™s dark tonal characteristics.


The layered hammering pattern on the inner natural finish not only creates a dark, rich sound, but produces a striking dual-finish design with the lathed outer edge.


If you are looking for a ride that is engineered for both clarity and crash, end your search with the Articulation Ride.  Limit one per customer.

  • Designed in collaboration with Aaron Spears
  • Ride cymbal engineered to offer both clarity and crashability
  • Delivers focused, clear stick definition
  • Outer-edge lathing and cluster hammering add flexibility for quick, dry crashes not normally found in an articulate ride
  • Strong bell with projection despite cymbal's dark tone quality
  • Visually striking dual-finish design with natural inner finish and lathed outer portion


  • Diameter: 21”
    Weight: Medium Heavy
    Family: Concept Shop


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