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13 Note High Octave Crotales - A440 Tuning

13 Note High Octave Crotales - A440 Tuning

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High Octave of 13 crotale notes from Middle C through High C. Very linear and bright, and cuts easily through the orchestra.

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Crotales, also known as antique cymbals, are made from Zildjian's bronze alloy. The High Octave consists of 13 notes, with a range of Middle C through High C. Zildjian Crotales project very linear, bright tones that ring with long sustain, and cut easily through the orchestra.

Stand and Bar not included.
  • Bronze crotales
  • Middle C - High C note range
  • Bright, clear tone
  • Long sustain
  • Made from Zildjian bronze alloy


  • Family: Other Orchestral Lines

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