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Mallet Sticks

Dennis Chambers Mallet Sticks

Dennis Chambers Mallet Sticks

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The "DC Double" is a double-ended stick mallet with a seamless felt mallet head, for quick switches from a stick sound to warmer drum tones and cymbal swells.


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Designed by Dennis Chambers, the "DC Double" is a multi-purpose drumstick based on Dennis' popular Artist Series Drumstick. This implement features a small, round tip on the traditional striking end and a seamless felt mallet head on the other. Execute quick switches from a focused stick sound to warmer drum tones, for muted tom fills and rich cymbal swells.

Crafted from U.S. Select Hickory.
  • Based on Dennis Chambers' Artist Series stick
  • Multi-purpose stick/mallet combo
  • Seamless felt mallet head
  • Jazz tip on traditional striking end
  • Muted tom fills and rich cymbal swells


  • Diameter: 0.551” | 1.39cm
    Length: 16” | 40.64cm
    Family: Mallet Sticks
    Wood Type: Hickory
  • Taper: Medium
  • spec taper
  • Electronic Drum Kit
  • Series: Artist Series
    Surface Cooling: Lacquer
  • Tip
  • Material: Wood/Felt
    Shape: Round

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