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20" FX Lunar Crash

20" FX Lunar Crash

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Straight from the ears of Galactic drummer Stanton Moore, the Lunar Crash lands with a funky, trashy explosiveness and shimmer that is bursting with the sound of New Orleans.


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Ride Pattern
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The Lunar Crash introduces a completely fresh take on a cymbal that sits in the sweet spot between a crash and a ride.


Developed in collaboration with Zildjian Artist Stanton Moore, this crash boasts numerous design features that give it a signature sound and look that could only come out of the Concept Shop.


Unique to this cymbal are the addition of seven large, hammered craters near the edge.  These give the cymbal a warm crash, and open it up for funky ride characteristics. Three rivets are also added in an asymmetrical pattern for a long, sustained shimmering expression that compliments the dryness of the crash. In addition, drummers will notice a natural finish underside, which adds control and slightly darker character.


Add the Lunar Crash to your kit for a trashy yet musical sound that is funky, explosive and purely Stanton. Limit one per customer.

  • Designed in collaboration with Stanton Moore
  • Lives in the sweet spot between a crash and ride
  • 7 hammered craters near edge allows for warm crash sound and funky ride characteristics
  • Asymmetrical 3-rivet pattern for long, shimmering sustain that compliments dryness of crash
  • Natural bottom finish adds control and darker character
  • Trashy yet musical sound that is funky, explosive and purely Stanton


  • Diameter: 20”
    Weight: Thin
    Family: Concept Shop


All Concept Shop products are limited-time offers, available only at While this very limited run is US only, our most popular models may become available internationally at a future date. All sales are subject to Zildjian's return policies, and are limited one per customer.

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