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Artist Series

Manu Katché Artist Series Drumsticks

Manu Katché Artist Series Drumsticks

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Filled with unique features starting with a unique 15-15/16" length, this smaller-diameter stick is perfectly balanced and can be played with great velocity.


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This Artist Series stick is filled with unique features for Manu. Coming in at a unique 15-15/16" length, the smaller diameter and tapered butt end creates a stick with great velocity, and a shape for real balanced feel. The special reverse tear-drop tip produces unique, full tones. Made from U.S. Select Hickory.
  • Smaller diameter and tapered end for high-velocity playing
  • Unique 15-15/16" length
  • Shape provides very balanced feel
  • Reverse teardrop tip
  • Very full sound


  • Length: 15.93” | 40.48cm
    Family: Artist Series
    Wood Type: Hickory
  • Taper: Medium
  • spec taper
  • Series: Artist Series
    Surface Cooling: Lacquer
  • Tip
  • Material: Wood
    Shape: Round

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