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Artist Series

Zak Starkey Artist Series Drumsticks

Zak Starkey Artist Series Drumsticks

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A very controllable stick, capable of full expression at any dynamic, and crafted to produce the diverse range of sounds Zak requires for "The Who".


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Zak's stick powers "The Who", capable of maximum impact but also designed for control. An oval bead produces a wide range of expressive sounds at all dynamic levels. The Zak Starkey design also features the colorful pop-art "target" logo.
  • The drumstick that powers The Who
  • Features the pop-art "target" logo
  • Capable of maximum impact
  • Designed for control and full dynamic range
  • Oval bead tip for expressive sound


  • Diameter: .555” | 1.40cm
    Length: 16” | 40.64cm
    Family: Artist Series
    Wood Type: Hickory
  • Taper: Medium
  • spec taper
  • Electronic Drum Kit
  • Series: Artist Series
    Surface Cooling: Lacquer
  • Tip
  • Material: Wood
    Shape: Oval

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