Juanita Pelaez

Juanita Pelaez

Juanita Pelaez is a professional drummer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Medella­n, Colombia. She grew up in a musical environment, next to her parents, who perform stringed instruments, which allowed her to become familiar with drums from the age of seven and encouraged her love for music. Since then all her inspiration, dreams and desires have been focused on finding a unique sound, especially perfecting Latin and folk rhythms from Colombia, merging them with rhythms of the world.

In addition, she has developed other skills, including playing piano, guitar, and bass, which has allowed her to create her own music and become a producer. On her journey as an artist, she has found that performing is a fundamental part of her sound. She has achieved communicating emotions and connecting with the audience.

Pelaez was chosen by Modern Drummer magazine as Best Drummer in the weekly œHit Like a Girl contest worldwide, for two years in a row. In addition, she was awarded as The Most Voted producer in the same contest and was the winner of the Beatmaking Competition of the Escuela de Audio y Sonido (EAS).

Currently, she plays with Colombian groups that perform reggae, rock, and fusion music. She is also a drum teacher at Colegio de Maºsica of Medella­n. This institution has been nominated for several Latin Grammy awards. Also, she is currently studying Music with a major in drums at Fundacion Universitaria Bellas Artes. She has performed in multiple tours, in Colombia and Mexico, with bands, master classes and conservatories with her experience as a drummer.

Juanita Pelaez'S SETUP:

1.14" HiHats - K Constantinople (top), K Custom Session (bottom) *
2.Stack - 9" FX Oriental Trash Splash (bottom), 6" Splash (top) *
3.19" K Dark Thin Crashes
4.22" K Custom High Definition Ride
5.10" FX China Trash

6.15" FX Azuka Latin Multi-Crash *
7.16" K Dark Thin Crashes

* May be prototype