Natalie DePergola

Natalie DePergola

Natalie DePergola has been playing drums for 12 years and performing professionally since the age of 9. At her current age of 21 Nats endorsements include Ddrum and Zildjian. She studied with John Blackwell at the age of 12 for 4 years. As a seasoned drummer with experience both on stage and in the studio her knowledge reaches many areas within the music industry. With deep roots in funk, jazz fusion and hip hop her strengths include a magnetic approach towards working with other musicians as well as singer song writers from all genres. Natalie is an employee for the œRecording Academys Music Education program which brings music education to areas where there is no access, all organized and funded by the Grammy Museum out of La. Wanting to inspire women everywhere to play drums Natalie is also a faculty member at œNoisy Womxn an all-girl music education program that teaches drums to female drum students of all ages. Also in her wheelhouse, Nat books and promotes music and art shows.

Natalie DePergola'S SETUP:

1.14" HiHats - K Constantinople (top), K Custom Session (bottom) *
2.Stack - 9" FX Oriental Trash Splash (bottom), 6" Splash (top) *
3.19" K Dark Thin Crashes
4.22" K Custom High Definition Ride
5.10" FX China Trash

6.15" FX Azuka Latin Multi-Crash *
7.16" K Dark Thin Crashes

* May be prototype