Ricardo Confessori

Ricardo Confessori


Ricardo Confessori started his musical life on the piano. He studied for 4 years, but he chose to play drums when he heard bands such as Rush, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin at the age of 13. Since then, the musician kept studying and is in contact with his instruments for as much time as possible “ tips from the drummer himself. Ricardo speaks with the authority of one of the great modern drummers, recognized worldwide by several musicians and magazines specialized in music and musical instruments. His first work as a professional musician was in a band called Garcia & Garcia. He released the album Mr. Fire in 1990. This album is appreciated by collectors. After the breakup of the band, he joined the band Korzus for a year and a half. During this period he accomplished several gigs but left the band right after having discussions with the record company. Immediately after his exit in 1993, Confessori was invited to join the band Angra, during the recording of Angels Cry. Since then, Ricardo became known worldwide, not only by mixing several rhythms such as salsa, merengue, baiao, etc. with heavy metal, but also by the unique way of his extremely technical, precise playing with feeling and versatility, a strong legacy of the musician until today. With Angra, Ricardo recorded Holy Land in 1996, a concept CD full of Brazilian rhythms, which is certainly a stage in history of Brazilian heavy rock. He went on to record Fireworks in 1998, the singles Rainy Nights and Lisbon, the live album Holy Live (1997), the CD Freedom Call (1996) and the EP Evil Warning (1994). In 2000, three musicians left Angra including Ricardo. Two long years passed by until Shamans first release Ritual, which was distributed in more than 15 countries, an incredible success that became a live CD/DVD Ritualive (2003). The band released their second album Reason in 2005, then toured Brazil and South America. In 2007, Shamans album Immortal came out with a new line-up, Animalive DVD (2008), and their latest album a–rigins in 2010, plus a DVD Shaman and Orchestra, recorded in the Czech Republic at the Master of Rock festival. In 2009, Ricardo returned to his old band Angra, toured with Sepultura in South America, and in 2010 released the album AQUA, touring Japan, Europe and South America. Angra also played Rock in Rio 2011. Ricardos strongest qualities are the double bass drums, Brazilian grooves mixed with metal and his skills to do the œturn with the drumsticks. In 2013 and 2014 he went on a big "Angels Cry Tour 20th Anniversary tour with Angra, traveling through Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Europe, totaling more than 50 dates. They launched the eponymous DVD in 2015. In 2016, he set up a Confessori band, with renowned accompanying musicians Warrel Dane (vocalist NeverMore “ USA), Thiago Oliveira and Fabio Carito. The following year, he went on tour with Massacrations The Return, as "Perro Loco the masked drummer, and recorded the Live Metal Espancation DVD in SP. In 2018/2019 he returned to touring with Shaman with the original formation. Tickets sold out three months before the Sao Paulo show in Audio. In 2022 Confessori released Rescue, a new album with Shaman, leading to its super successful tour. Ricardo keeps producing bands and also gives more than 40 workshops every year throughout Brazil.

Ricardo Confessori'S SETUP:

  1. 1.Z3 mastersound hats 14″ 2.Avedis rock crash 18″ 3.Avedis china high 16″ 4. Z 3 medium crash 16″ 5.Avedis splash 10″ 6.Z 3 rock splash 12″ 7.Oriental china trash 14″ ? 8.Avedis medium crash 18″ 9.Z3 mastersound hats 15″ 10.Z3 Heavy Ride 22″ 11.ACustom china 20″ 12.Z Custom projection crash 19″

* May be prototype

IN 3

Ricardo Confessori's
IN 3


    Zeppelin, Purple, Van Halen, Sabbath, drummers, guitar players and rock music.


    Keep playing.


    A Heavy Crashes, A Mega Bell Rides, A Splashes and the Oriental China Trash, because they are strong, cutting-sounding cymbals, and they can stand the pressure of heavy-punch drumming.