Thomas Cramier

Thomas Cramier

It all started when I came across a live video of Gojira playing Space Time. I was so blown away by the power and beauty of the music that I had to do it myself. So I started playing drums at the age of 9 and very quickly the passion for drums came together with the desire to reach the level of my most favorite drummers. Over the years I opened my YouTube channel and this is where I share my passion.

Thanks to this, I had my first bands and today I am an extreme metal drummer playing in Psygnosis, Hurakan and my solo project Avalanche.

I will always be there to share my passion for music, to push myself to go beyond my limits but also to help and inspire even just one person to start learning the drums. If this is achieved, all my efforts will not have been in vain.

Thomas Cramier'S SETUP:

1.14" HiHats - K Constantinople (top), K Custom Session (bottom) *
2.Stack - 9" FX Oriental Trash Splash (bottom), 6" Splash (top) *
3.19" K Dark Thin Crashes
4.22" K Custom High Definition Ride
5.10" FX China Trash

6.15" FX Azuka Latin Multi-Crash *
7.16" K Dark Thin Crashes

* May be prototype